Alpen Bike Storage

For those who are serious about their cycling, chances are that their bicycle will be their pride and joy and, as such, they’ll want to what they can to help keep it looking its best. Well, so far as storage is concerned, you’ll be hard pressed to top this striking and innovative Alpen Bike Storage solution which is available for pre-order now and will serve as the ideal protection for your bike from the elements and nefarious types looking to steal it.

The Alpen Bike Storage is, at long last, a proper home for your bicycle when it’s not in use and no longer will have you relying on makeshift solutions to keep your steed safe and secure. This clever piece of design is billed as the ultimate solution to your bike storage requirements and is crafted from virtually indestructible roto-molded polyethylene and comes equipped with an integrated locking mechanism to keep your ride safe as can be.

Peace of Mind

We all want to know that are bike is safe and secure whether we’re locking it up at home or at the office and this Alpen Bike Storage can help deliver that sense of security and piece of mind. It is a custom home for your much loved ride, which has been engineered to protect and extend the life of your bicycle which is crucial because most people spend a lot of money on buying and maintaining their bike. This unique, patented design delivers a secure, waterproof bicycle storage solution, which is ideally suited for outside your home, inside a garage or building common area.

The Alpen Bike Storage solution boasts a circular design which effortlessly blends both form and function, and ensures easy access to almost any type of bicycle quickly and simply, including mountain bikes that have wide handlebars. Not only is there space for your bike in the Alpine Bike Storage, there is even an abundance of space for all your cycling accessories such as shoes, helmets, likes and other essentials to your riding.

With pre-order pricing starting at $899, this might not be the cheapest solution to your bike storage requirements but the Alpen is definitely one of the safest and most secure means of keeping your bike protected. If you’ve grown weary of having to keep your bike inside (particularly if you live in a flat with a narrow hallway) you’ll welcome the security that comes from the Alpen Storage because you can take things outside but still have the peace of mind that your bike is out of harms way.

Technological Design

There are some mighty impressive technological design features to the Alpen Bike Storage unit and its makers believe that robustness and security should not be at the expense of visual appeal and convenient access. As such, this brilliant piece of design is tough enough to stand up to the elements and would be thieves, but also as refined and stylish aesthetically as the bikes it protects.

Some of the stand out design features of the Alpen Bike Storage include the durable, rotomoulded construction, its capacity to be bolted securely to the ground, UV resistance, 100% rust proof, a smooth ball bearing door rotation and an anodised aluminium door hub. If you’re looking for the ideal means of keeping your bike safe and secure and not cluttering up your flat, the Alpen Bike Storage gets our vote at Coolector HQ.

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