Craft Beerds Book

There are few things that we have more time for here at Coolector HQ than a good old craft ale and we’re definitely on board with those who can help enlighten us to those brews on the market that we might not encounter in our day to day life and it is for that reason that we’ve found our next piece of bedtime reading in the form of this excellent looking tome that goes by the name of the Craft Beerds Book.

There is a twist to this top notch book that makes us favour it even more, however, and that is the fact that each of the craft beers revealed on the pages of Craft Beerds has an extra dash of awesomeness insomuch as each label boasts some link to the manliness of all accomplishments – yes, moustaches and beards. You can’t beat the dapperness of a well groomed moustache and that’s something that many craft beer makers are well aware of and many of these brewers are represented on the pages of this fantastical book.




Over 250 pages in length and boasting hairy offerings from over 100 craft breweries the world over, we’re certainly excited about discovering more beers to whet our palate here at The Coolector. If your resolution for 2014 was to expand your craft beer horizons (with a hairy twist) then the Craft Beerds Book is an essential piece of reading for sure.

The book is the work of Fred Abercrombie, with the photography and design from David Hodges and Tyler Warrender but all you really need to know is that it is positively chock full of delicious looking and sounding beers for you to try over the next 12 months.

Price: $20

Available: Unnecessary Umlaut

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