M3 Minimalist Bachelor Apartment

We’re big fans of minimalism here at The Coolector and this is particularly true when it comes to architecture and interior design and it’s for that reason that we’ve been left so impressed with this fantastic project called the Minimalist Bachelor Apartment by Greek architecture firm, M3. Though, it’s safe to say, we never lived in this sort of luxury during our bachelor days.


Commissioned by a young Italian IT professional, the glorious looking M3 Minimalist Bachelor Apartment is situated in the town of Budva in Montenegro close to the Adriatic Sea and for any design enthusiasts who are lovers of clean lines and superbly understated aesthetics, it’s definitely going to tick all of your boxes.

Clean Living

Overflowing with neutral tones throughout, the Minimalist Bachelor Apartment will stand out to those who deplore clutter and love free-flowing open spaces with great little design flourishes and features that make for a much more comfortable living environment. Whilst most bachelors will leave in accommodation far removed from this stunning piece of architecture and interior design, it really is hard not to be impressed with (and jealous of) the great space that has been accomplished here.



Order and functionality reigns supreme in this excellent living space and it is the sort of home that you’d be afraid to put a glass down for fear of throwing off its sense of organisation but for those who are capable of living within the minimalist mindset, it is nothing short of perfect.


Brilliantly intermingling understated pieces of furniture of all different materials into the space for an unparalleled aesthetic superiority, the Minimalist Bachelor Apartment from M3 really is a sight to behold and would suit a single dweller down to the ground with so many fantastic spaces and design features to be enjoyed.

Clever Design

The different living spaces within the Bachelor Apartment are expertly segmented with understated, floor to ceiling curtains which make it so easy to open the space up once again and bathe it in light as and when you please. Everywhere you look around this exceptional interior design and architecture project is a clever piece of design and thoughtful placement of furniture that serves to make the property stand out, despite its minimalist overtones.


We love this project at The Coolector and it is testament to the design and creative talents of Greek studio, M3, who have managed to expertly capture the brief of the Italian owner of the property and for any single men out there, this is probably going to stand out as a dream property. With the addition of a 65′ television and a copy of FIFA 17 and craft beer fridge, of course.

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