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The world of watches is filled with expensive accessories that can be quite prohibitive when you’re looking to buy your first timepiece without spending a small fortune to get it on your wrist. That’s why it’s always reassuring to have watchmakers out there striving to deliver affordable solutions that don’t compromise on style or performance and this is certainly something which can be applied to brand new watch brand, Mileneal.

Mileneal Watches are targeted firmly at young, working professionals who want an eye-catching watch for their wrist but who are perhaps not yet ready to splash out on a luxury timepiece and these stylish, functional and well made offerings from Mileneal fit the bill perfectly. If you gravitate towards the minimalist, understated watches, you’ll find plenty here that resonates and their Kickstarter campaign launches in October to make this affordable watch dream a reality.

Eye-Catching Affordability

They’re not trying to change the world or reinvent the wheel at Mileneal, they’re merely striving to deliver a watch to young professionals without the big mark-ups that are evident throughout the world of watchmaking and that’s certainly something to be applauded in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. With a number of different styles and materials to be chosen from when their Kickstarter campaign drops in October, you’re sure to find one that matches your own design tastes.

Despite their entry level price point, there are still plenty of impressive features and materials used with these great looking Mileneal Watches. For example, each on is equipped with a MIYOTA GM10 movement and date indicator and this adds to the sleek, sophisticated look and feel of these exemplary timepieces. The watches are protected by a double radian domed glass with an added layer of sapphire crystal to ensure the watch face is well-protected from the inevitable bumps, scrapes and scratches of day to day wear.

Adding to the robustness and durability of these devilishly dapper Mileneal Watches is their 316L stainless steel casing which is just about as strong as it gets so far as watches are concerned. This surgical grade stainless steel will ensure the life-span of your watch and adds a visual impact to the timepiece in the process. These watches might be affordable but they are overflowing with excellent features that wouldn’t be out of place on watches much higher on the pricing spectrum.

Making a Difference

It’s important for there to be a wide range of options available for everyone who wants a stylish watch on their wrist and whether you’ve got a couple of hundred to spend on a timepiece on tens of thousands, you should be able to choose one that you appreciate from a style perspective and this is something that Mileneal are hoping for facilitate for those purchasing their first watch at the more affordable end of the spectrum.

We’re mighty impressed with the cool, understated aesthetics of these Mileneal Watches here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure their Kickstarter campaign in October will see plenty of men after an affordable, stylish watch snapping them up in their droves. Great visually and boasting plenty of excellent materials, these watches are the perfect place to start for any man wanted an affordable accessory on their wrist.

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