Ron Burgundy Dodge Durango

To be brutally honest, we here at The Coolector would pretty much buy anything that Rob Burgundy was selling, regardless of what it was so, it delights us to report that he’s championing the virtues of the rather awesome looking Dodge Durango in his own inimitable way. In his comparing it to a single horse and revealing its many impressive features, including a glove box, Burgundy has definitely not lost any of his suaveness and sales appeal.

You have to hand it to Dodge in acquiring the fictitious spokesman of Ron Burgundy because in The Coolector’s, highly biased opinion, there is unlikely to be a man alive in Dodge’s target demographic that doesn’t know, and love, the walrus-faced lothario. Check out a few more of Burgundy’s wonderful sales spiels for the Durango below:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


If you don’t now want to buy a Dodge Durango, then you must be completely impervious to even the most compelling of sales pitches. Kudos, sir.

You can keep your eye on any further Dodge Durango pitches from Burgundy over HERE.

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