Word Notebooks Terrain Series

As may be apparent due to the nature of a lot of our posts of late, we’re very much looking forward to venturing into the great outdoors this spring and summer and, resultantly, are on the lookout for all manner of accessories to help enhance the experience and, as we’re prone to the odd spot of note taking, we’ve been left rather impressed with the latest collection of notebooks from Word that goes by the name of the Terrain Series.

With a name like the Terrain Series, it is clear to see the inspiration behind this fantastic looking outdoors orientated notebooks from Word and if you’ve any adventures planned over the next few months and want to make sure you document them the old fashioned way, these could be just the accessories for you.

Inspired by the highest peaks and the deepest valleys, the topographic themed covers of these cracking notebooks makes them aesthetically and they don’t disappoint from a performance point of view either. Check out a few more shots below:







Available in Green, Orange, or Ivory varieties, each Terrain 3-pack features our unique organisational system to keep all your notes and doodles in good working order. Fantastically outdoorsy and extremely functional, it’s little wonder that we’re such big fans of these cracking notebooks here at Coolector HQ.

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