AceCamp Multi-Tool Shovel

acecamp shovel

The world is getting smaller, but never the less challenging, and these challenges are which many delight to relish. These are the explorers, the adventurists, the survivalists. Perhaps this is you?

If so, sir, then read on:

Whoso Pulleth Out This Shovel of this Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of Exploration, Adventure and Survival.

If worthy to wield this Shovel, take hand and test your rightfulness, because only you, the true intrepid could find promise in its use and the power of its versatility…’s the right man for the right challenge; it’s the right tools for the right jobs….and what we have to offer is, ONE tool for MANY jobs.

Spied by The Coolector and worth our, and indeed your attention, is the AceCamp Survivor Multitool Shovel. Make no mistake; this is no tool shed fodder! Check it out for yourself below:


He who pulleth the Shovel from the stone’s clasp – hold high and feast upon a brilliant shining light of versatility – you will be treated to the following tools:

Shovel, Hatchet, Saw, Hammer, Wrench, Nail puller, Bottle opener, Compass

Not too shabby, right? Well, there’s more. Inside the handle of your AceCamp Multi-Tool Shovel you’ll find:

Emergency knife, Fishing line and hook, Matches

Coming in with its compact dimensions 11.8 x 4.5 in. 4 in [27.43 x 11.43cm x 10.16cm] and weighing 11.4 oz [0.3232kg], its size/weight to usefulness ratio is grossly biased in usefulness favour. Attachable to your person or carrier by its scabbard (protective cover to you and I)….you’ll not know it’s there, until when you need it most.

Produced by a brut player in their territory, AceCamp, founded in 2000, globally supplies an impressive library of outdoor and emergency equipment, and certainly their experience and genius in this dauntless wild kingdom of the outdoors, shows.

Take a look at all AceCamp products at their website.

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