ASUS Transformer Book Trio

Transformation and versatility, golden words for us at The Coolector, the more a unit can achieve, not only by the sum of its parts, but of its parts individually, the better. Let The Coolector put this into some context. Take the Transformer franchise, and one particular robot  ‘the Combiner’; a group of Transformers that assemble to combine their bodies into a single machine. Individually, you’d have hours of the fun with planes, trucks or helicopters, but together, combined, they form one hell of a Super Bot toy! Its this what The Coolector likes, this is what The Coolector wants to see, and we think electronics giant ASUS have given us the perfect man’s toy, the ASUS Transformer Book Trio

Last month we brought you a fine dose in the Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet, a laptop/tablet combo. It is this exact application of joined up hardware, software and thinking which is becoming ever more prevalent in the world of personal computing. Now Taiwanese multinational ASUS are about to release their own ‘Combiner’, the Transformer Book Trio – the world’s first 3 in 1 unit; it’s a laptop, it’s a tablet, it’s a desktop. Which you use, when you use, how you use, is up to you! All we know is, its time to play!

TOY 1 – The Tablet – with ease, detach the full HD 11.6 Inch screen from the PC Station, and a super functional Android 4.2 OS tablet is available at your fingertips, built with a rear 5mp (with 1080p video recording) and a front 720P HD camera. Enjoy the power to capture and conquer the world around!

TOY 2 – The PC Station – with the PC Station alone, connect to a monitor or your HD TV to enjoy a full standalone Windows 8 PC experience, thanks to the Intel Core i7 Processor. Enjoy the power of assimilation!

TOY 3 – The Laptop (the Super Bot) – with the Tablet and PC Station combined, a powerful, high performance laptop is formed.  Its dual Android and Windows 8 operating systems can be seamlessly applied, offering unique and superb multitasking capabilities! Enjoy the power of two OS worlds!

Price: £900

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