Boston Boot Co.

Last august we brought you TULS, a multi purpose tool, forged from the heart of New England ideology, craft and workmanship. As a region that was the first of America to be transformed by the industrial revolution, it seems those cogs, pulleys and chains are still hard at work, both at hand and by mind.

Truth be told, as The Coolector has discovered yet another example this hardy American practice in the Boston Boot Company. A footwear company which values the old ways, their own ways; rich in knowledge, skill and experience. Their desire is to deliver small batches, so to ensure their product, the Boston Boot, is made with love, care and attention. To them, akin to a microbrewer’s ale, suitably far from mass production.

The Boston Boot Company, made up of three gentlemen, pose to bring together a wealth of experience and passion; a boot industry expert – passionate for quality and locally sourced materials; a boot designer – with a passion for style, comfort and durability, and finally, a business expert – who’s task is to keep the company small but develop its big ideas.

The fermentation of which has produced a magnificent ‘micro-shoery’, as they proudly call it! The excellent video below does a fine job of explaining why we should be excited by the Boston Boot Co.

[vimeo width=”700″ height=”400″][/vimeo]

Their brew – a real boot, ‘made for the average guy, but not in an average way’! Take a look at the superb style and workmanship offered below:




We at The Coolector are very impressed with yet another New England stalwart of craft and industry. Their Boston Boots look fantastic; extremely stylish with a delicacy of superior material and design, yet built upon a subtlety sturdy soul of strength and resilience. The Boston Boot Company describe their stylish boots as ‘weather-proof and built to handle whatever is thrown their way’, so can take on the most extremes of ‘crappy weather’….accustom to Bostonians. Well, The Coolector believes this to be a sufficient gauntlet thrown at the feet of us Brits, we have the style, and we defiantly have the ‘crappy weather’.

Show your support for this project over at Kickstarter.

Or take a look at the chap’s site at

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