The Brunswick Pipe Set

With Christmas approaching, we’re on the constant lookout for potential gifts for people and whilst we don’t actually know any pipe smoking aficionados here at Coolector HQ, we are seriously contemplating taking up the activity for ourselves just so we can get our hands on one of these sartorially superior Brunswick Pipe Sets from The Pipe Guys.

As you can see from the image above, The Brunswick comes replete with everything that you require to get your smoke on. Smoking a pipe is, perhaps, a bit of a dying art form and there’s no escaping the elegance of the pursuit if done right. Whilst we’re in no doubt that we wouldn’t be able to pull off smoking a pipe with much aplomb, we can’t help but think that with the Brunswick Pipe Set, our chances of looking a bit more dapper are much higher.


The Brunswick Pipe Set comes replete with a Bristol smooth acorn pipe, Stanwell Vanilla tobacco and various tools of the pipesmoking trade that will ensure you manage to get your pipe lit at the first attempt and don’t spend hours battling with it (as we here at The Coolector surely will).

Price: $99

Available: The Pipe Guys.

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