Canon VIXIA Mini Camcorder


Canon or Nikon, Oasis or Blur, Spears or Aguilera….you’re either one side, or the other. But not all. The Coolector, just like during the good old Brit-Pop and Teen-Pop wars of the 90s, must remain an overseer, with an appreciative ear for both, where judgement is fair and impartial. So when Canon announced its new VIXIA Mini Camcorder, we were all ears, just like with mega tracks ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ and ‘Genie in a Bottle’!

By the first chorus of Canon’s new VIXIA tune, The Coolector began to understand that this is no ordinary Camcorder, it is not for your ordinary user, but for a niche that’s all the more ‘I’m me, here I am’. How? Because its design and specification are very much geared toward those who wish to share and show off their talents, skills, good looks, knowledge, freakiness, concerns, new products, suspicions, anger, services, happiness, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING….yes, the VIXIA is for all you video bloggers, youtubers, Facebookers…..a perfect toy to make your stage. Record, Post and Share with the World!

As The Coolector enjoyed the song, our ears were tantalised upon hearing how the VIXIA will put the user in the lime light; with unusual style and super practicality! Listen up Kids! When the camera is on you, it should scream you, and the VIXIA does just that. With its fisheye lens, you are the accentuated focus, but while also incorporating the world around you as a back drop – brilliant stuff both in a small bedroom with nothing more than your posters of Noel Gallagher, or outside surrounded by a majestic mountainous landscape.


Which is another point, the VIXIA is light and compact….so you can take it anywhere; from bedroom, to mountains to beach and back again. As for its quality, the VIXIA is recordable in delicious HD and stereo sound, or, if picture stills are your interest, you’ll be able to capture in 12 mega pixel quality. But, all this ability is no good if you can’t show off immediately and with modern ease. So Canon, thinking ahead, has given VIXIA the ability to record in ‘upload friendly’ MP4, which can be shared via its built in WIFI. It’s at this point The Coolector began to sing along to Canon’s awesome TUNE! Still, a song is not for everyone, but if we haven’t managed to paint the VIXIA sufficiently as BELLE OF THE BALL, perhaps its example video and looks will;

Check out the video quality of the VIXIA – HERE.

Available for pre-order – Price $299 – Get your orders in at Canon.

P.S. We preferred Oasis!

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