History in Colour

I don’t know about you, but I was so impressed with WWI in Colour last week. The unfamiliar subject, brought to familiarity, just by the application of colour. As Mr Davie described last week, looking at a black and white photo alone, one can feel detached from its meaning and relevance. This is so true. I genuinely don’t know what it is, perhaps this is nothing more than a demonstration that colour is one of the many foods our minds need to help digest reality. Whatever the physical and/or psychological rational, we at The Coolector are fascinated.

This painstaking and skilled work of plying a veneer of colour to black and white photos is becoming a popular artistic practice. Particular efforts are towards photos taken in the last 150 years, images of the worlds most notable moments and people; brought back to the present day, as close a time machine I’m sure we’ll ever get. Take a look at the amazing work of these popular colour implant practitioners below:












Via: Indulgd.com.

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