The Igloo Village

Upon the roof top of The Coolector HQ, a team of merry men can spend hours just mesmerised by the marvellous starlight express show that is the night sky; a warm tipple in hand, heads back, eyes wide open! It’s a great opportunity to see the biggest and brightest stars of less Broadway, more Milky Way, and as the old coolector saying goes, ‘the night sky is the only ceiling you need’. So when we get the wonderful opportunity to dream beneath the stars, it is ours, and as the winter draws closer, the nights growing longer, there is no better time to look up and gaze. It’s Showtime folks!

Ever seeking the best seats on earth, The Coolector is happy to shine the lime light upon one particular unique hotel, which, each year, between December and January offers seats like no other……

The Igloo Village, located in Finland’s Saariselkä fell, close to the Urho Kekkonen National Park, is a unique ephemeral pack of glass Igloos, which, during the winter months offers a superb opportunity to sleep (perchance to dream), beneath the billions of stars at their finest of midnight hours. And because of the hotels latitude, you’d be blessed by such a star turn as the wonderful, mystical and magical Aurora Borealis…..the infamous northern lights. There is no greater show on earth, and here you’d have seats in the gods, while having the warmth and comfort of the Igloo. Check out this impressive looking holiday destination below:


Simply lie back in your luxury beds and enjoy the light fantastic! Find out more – HERE.

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