JLA HiFi Furniture

Finding the right speakers for your home is often a question of heading online and researching the best ones on the market but, if like us here at Coolector HQ, you want your speakers to have a little extra to them from an aesthetic point of view, it’s not always easy to find the right ones. Well, that decision has just got a touch easier courtesy of this rather excellent looking JLA HiFi Furniture which is a striking side table and speaker rolled into one.

JLA firmly believe in the effortless integration of electronics and furniture and this is something that they’ve achieved with some considerable aplomb with their JLA HiFi Furniture. They strive to deliver a simple to use sound system which seamlessly integrates into the interior design endeavours of your home. JLA provides the great sound you want without the clutter courtesy of their minimalist design aesthetic with each of their products.

Understated Excellence

So well designed is the JLA HiFi Furniture that you’ll seldom realise there is a speaker within and it serves to increase its functionality by also offering a fantastic piece of furniture at the same time. The JLA HiFi Furniture lets you play music from any of your favorite music services and lets you fully control proceedings from your phone, tablet or other devices. Expertly commingling engineering with first class aesthetics, these first rate speakers from JLA are finely tuned by optimising the electronics to its the shape of the furniture to deliver a wonderfully balanced sound.

Billed as big speakers, offering big sound, this JLA HiFi Furniture has definitely resonated with our minimalist design sensibilities here at Coolector HQ. The sound quality on offer here is delivered as a result of using two reference quality drivers: an 8″ ultra-low distortion woofer and a 1 ⅛ ” optimized silk dome tweeter which combine to produce unparalleled sound. Quite simply, JLA make no compromises and insist on quality design and exceptional performance – something which they’ve unquestionably delivered with their eye-catching creations.

The JLA HiFi Furniture believes that less is more so far as buttons and cables are concerned and they’ve gone out of their way to make their creation as minimalistic as possible. Somewhat impressively, it will detect when music is being played and will then automatically turn on.  All you need to do is play your favorite song without having to reach for a power button. In addition, volume can be controlled straight from your phone but you will find two touch-sensitive buttons on the unit also let you change volume from there if you’d prefer.

Decisions, Decisions

Available in two different iterations in terms of materials – namely, a blackened Baltic Birch with brass detailing and a natural Baltic Birch with aluminium detailing – you’ll be able to pick the right JLA HiFi Furniture for your own personal interior design aesthetic. Wonderfully understated and functional and boasting a mighty fine audio performance to boot, we’re loving everything about the top class design here at Coolector HQ.

For any homeowners not wanting to disrupt the interior design aesthetic they’ve cultivated with conventional audio systems, this JLA HiFi Furniture is certainly going to be the ideal choice. Operate simultaneously as a functional and stylish piece of designer furniture as well as a first rate audio system, this really is the definition of best of both worlds.

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