Josh Lynch Dogs of the Marvel Universe

We like Marvel and we like dogs here at Coolector HQ. With this in mind, you probably shan’t be too surprised to hear that this superb series of illustrations from Josh Lynch called Dogs of the Marvel Universe has left us more than a little delighted.

Josh Lynch is a Twin Cities based Art Director, Storyboard Artist, Visual Developer, and Pop Culture Junkie and this is something that unquestionably shines through in one of his latest series of illustrations, this comical collection of Marvel superheroes re-imagined as household dogs.

The likes of the Hulk, Punisher, Spiderman and Thor all get the Lynch treatment and if you like your illustrations comical and superhero related, you’ll find plenty to enjoy with Lynch’s Dogs of the Marvel Universe. Check out a few of our favourites below:









Superbly imaginative with tongue firmly in cheek, Lynch has captured the essence of each Marvel superhero and supplanted it into an appropriate looking dog – such as a bulldog for the Hulk and a lustrously hairy golden retriever for Thor. We love the artwork of Josh Lynch here at Coolector HQ and his Dogs of the Marvel Universe might just be our favourite to date.

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