Libratone Zipp


The Coolector loves a cylinder, don’t we all? Some of our most treasured items of which we simply could not afford to live without are cylindrical; beer cans, wine bottles, toilet rolls, thermos flasks, cheese wheels, cookie jars, candles (scented for the modern man, obviously), telescopes, R2D2 – the list is long as is tubular.

Now, what about a sound speaker, you know, used with your hi-fi, iPod, etc? Commonly pretty square wouldn’t you agree? Blasting out its wavelengths from one side, in one direction; oddly placed in the corner or side of a room; hooked up with unsightly wires. They’re often not the most portable of equipment, so moving them about the house or taking them outside can be a troublesome and laborious task. Even the most ‘portable’ of ones on the market, though lighter, with fewer or no wires, don’t really offer much quality or punch. A grim sounding state of affairs, as far as The Coolector is concerned.

But there is a resonance of hope bellowing from Copenhagen based audio company Libratone, who have designed and patented to with an inch of its life, a speaker that’s purpose is to offer both quality and liberation to sound and user. The Coolector is ecstatic to introduce your eyes and ears to the awesome simplistic style and function of, The Zipp.


First, the Zipp is wire-free and includes a rechargeable battery, so can be placed anywhere in a space, indoors or out. Its superb minimalistic and tech design results in a carry friendly, light of weight unit. Second (and this is the coolest of parts), as a cylindrical speaker with use of its superlative tweeters and midrange drivers, the Zipp can deliver a full room 360° sound experience. Thirdly, umbilical free, you are able to stream and control your music straight from your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac/PC or Android devices….so you’ll be as free as the speaker and sound itself. Fourth, you can customise your Zipp – simple unzip the Zipp, and you can swap the fine Italian wool cover for any you choose, to suit your person or home space style. Finally, a zip which men won’t mind getting caught up in!

The Coolector is a massive fan of Libratone having sounded off over its LOOP earlier this October. We have no doubt more sounding off is to come from this ingenious company!

Price: £369

Available: Libratone.

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