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Though it is somewhat of a shame, it is clear that not many people read actual, tangible books as much as they used to with most technologically minded consumers moving over to e-books like Kindles but there are still those of us out there that enjoy having a paper copy of their favourite tome and, for us, a top notch bookmark will be definitely be well received and they don’t come much more awesome than the Lightmark Bookmark which takes the form of a spotlight that sheds light on your latest page.

Whilst it is doubtlessly gimmicky and far from essential to the enjoyment of a book, that doesn’t mean to say that we don’t want one of these Lightmark Bookmarks from Peleg Design real bad and we dare say there will be plenty of like minded readers out there who wouldn’t say no to such an awesome addition to their reading material.

This lamp shaped bookmark is available in a number of different colours to suit your tastes and will make keeping your page a doddle and, if anything, make you more likely to read your book as it will make it stand out like a beacon. Check out a few more shots of the Lightmark Bookmark in action below:





Whilst the reading of physical books might well be on the wane, cool little products like this might just help buck the trend a little. We obviously understand the plethora of benefits that comes from Kindle ownership but it is still rewarding to own books every now and then and things just got a little more appealing thanks to the brilliant little Lightmark Bookmark from Peleg Design.

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