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Running! Ok, perhaps it’s not the most favoured of pastimes here at The Coolector HQ, unless it’s running to the bar for last orders that is. But what we can run, is our appreciation for peoples love of running; for fitness, for fun, for the need to simply get somewhere, perhaps, the desire to move forward and put the past behind. Whatever the need or desire, a common duality of runner and environment, is the connection of earth and soul, the sole of feet that is, let’s not get too deep here! Every good runner will have a conscience for suitable footwear. For many, running is an art, and every artist must have quality, advanced and superior equipment. Take a trip to your local Footlocker, and you see just that. But what if that very equipment took something away from the practice, from the art? This was the thought of professional runner Ted McDonald.

Ted, tired of the trainer, went back to basics. Removing the shackles of modern and mass tailored trainers, Barefoot Ted, as he is fondly known, became a lead in the field of barefoot running. While in the rugged Sierra Madre Mountains of Northern Mexico, during one particular indulgence in this primal and adventurous art, Barefoot Ted found his bare underfoot tested. During while, Barefoot Ted was fortunate to meet local Tarahumaran Manuel Luna who helped him fashion a pair of sandals out of an old tyre. From this moment, the LUNA RUNNING SANDAL was born, take a peek folks:


Luna Sandals are handcrafted, durable, light, simple, maintainable footwear, for hiking, running, and most other outdoor adventures. If sandals do have souls, the soul of the Luna would be founded upon a collection of vast experiences and knowledge of using old-school running sandals, the love and passion of running, mixed with tried and tested superior design and technology. The Coolector always loves when a product is born from love and passion, because then you really get a quality like no other…and the Luna Sandal is no exception.

Price: $75

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