Matthew Cusick Map Collages

The humble map, a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional space, its century aged duty to provide locality and direction. Where would we be without it? Lost perhaps?  The Coolector have had their fair share of experiences with this trusted chart, we’ve all experienced the obligatory passenger-side argument, where, as driver, you can’t help but ask, ‘Are you sure you’re not holding it upside down?’ Or perhaps, your patience and origami skills have been tested, ‘How the hell do you fold this back together?’ Whatever the experience, one thing is certain, the cartographer has been the artist, and the map has been an ill-recognised piece of art, least for its accuracy and detail anyway. Now in the age of satellite navigation systems and Google maps, these tangible guides are rarely seen, and those that exist, find dust.

But thanks to New York born artist Matthew Cusick, the physical map has been reborn, not in its familiar practical form, but something altogether more engaging and fun. Thanks to Matthew, and his use of recycled maps from encyclopaedias, textbooks and atlases; contours and colours that once described the elevation and type of land, now depict the human form, movement of waves, wildlife, highway infrastructure, and automobiles, in these unique and stunning collages. See for yourself just how impressive his endeavours are below:




We at the Coolector have been fascinated, never in our history have we spent so much time perusing a map, happy and content in the knowledge that we are neither lost or desperately seeking a destination. We have found our intrigue and interest twofold; directed towards that of the collage subject and also towards that of the map fragments used. Look more closely – I dare you not to ask, ‘where the hell is that?’ Cool recycling, superb images, LOVE MAPS!

See the rest of Cusick’s work – HERE.

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