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Top of the Manara Design Premier Coolection League, AFC Coolector boasts a formidable arsenal of trophies. They are current global wanderers on the international stage, forever proud to stand united, they are the real deal. As a team, they work cool, they play cool, their motto – ‘Colligamus Frigus’. So it is of little doubt that everything ‘AFC Coolector’, from their boots to their balls, must be cut of the same cloth, it must be sub-zero. This week club manager, Mr Leo Davie addressed the board, team and fans, releasing the following statement;

I wouldn’t say I am the coolest manager in the business. But I am in the top one. Some people believe the collection of cool is a matter of life and death. I’m very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that. We have enjoyed a fantastic season, been witness to epic offerings of cool; stunning technology, crafts and skills, all of which, demonstrated by seasoned players and hot new talents sourced by our dedicated Coolector scouts.

I have the drive and ambition to continue to keep AFC Coolector at the very top. As we begin our new season we will strive to bring cool to the beautiful game, we will be cool, we will evoke cool. Today we have employed the proven and superb efforts of Manara Design to begin work on our club badge, our iconic AFC Coolector branding.

Already their work has graced the icons of soccer’s most revered clubs……bringing a unique and simplistic take upon what generations of fans have held close to their hearts. AFC Coolector believes generations of fans will hold us dear and we should give them the right, the cool icon for that. Here is Manara Design portfolio, see the incredible possibilities

Put in simpler terms, we love these Minimal Football Logos from Manara – check them out for yourself below:


Find out more about these cool, minimalist designs over at Behance.

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