The Monster Engine by Dave Devries

Children are the most real monsters of all; covering you in Cheerios of a morning, scratching your favourite LP, steeling your ice cream, throwing sand in your face, refusing to change the channel from Thomas the Tank Engine…. years of pure disruption and carnage can wonderfully and monsteriously bounce into your life at any time! We at The Coolector HQ know all too well. As godfathers of coolection, we are also the fathers of monsters, so are of no stranger to the delight and plight of modern monster care! All sounds too familiar? Then read on….

Parents, you know, we know – monsters sure exist! So perhaps the work and ironic concept from The Monster Engine will too bring a huge smile to your face! Here at The Coolector we have been smiling for days! Dave DeVries, an exceptional and experienced comic book artist, and founder of The Monster Engine, uses the drawings of monsters, drawn by monsters (children) – and with colour, texture and shading is able to ply a veneer of reality to a child’s fanciful vision and boundless imagination.

Dave DeVries asked the question, What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically? Well, let’s see how his amazing and striking work delivers a superb answer – which you can see for yourself below:


Impressed with Devries’ maniacal mind – check out the rest of his work over at The Monster Engine.

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