Motley Atlas Cologne

Motley atlas cologne

Smelling nice isn’t as easy as it once was – with a market saturated with products and the general male indecisiveness when it comes to spending time in a fragance section of, well, anywhere, means that it’s a minefield out there. But fear not, all is not lost…

Evolution of men’s fragrance, by popular use;

  • Prior to 1950AD: ‘Primate’ – sourced from oneself, totally organic, but foul.
  • Between 1960 and 1970 AD – ‘Neanderthal’ most common of which were Brut, Old Spice, Wild Musk and, potentially, Sex Panther.
  • 1980 AD: ‘Man’ – a library of designer scents; the Versace and Chanel varieties of the world.

But natural progress stopped there…..and we blame Audrey Hepburn

It was she, who, in the 50s conducted genetic experiments and synthesised a new species, but it wasn’t until the evil genius of J-Lo did we see this species prosper……I give you – the Celebrity Fragrance; familiar to David Beckham, Celine Dion, …err….Bruce Willis.

How can this be survival of the fittest?

We at The Coolector believe the celebrity brands were a process of devolution, and extinction is, with fervent hope, as Brad Pitt would say, ‘inevitable’.

So, for those who wish to finally spurn the celeb gravy train, what hope do you have?

Answer: Every hope, thanks to The Motley.



Using a clever scent selection process and superior breeding programme, The Motley has given birth to a new high class species of Cologne. One of particular interest to us at The Coolector is ATLAS

Described as;

‘Spicy, green notes pull together memories of places explored. Atlas Cedar from the mountains of Algeria, Oakmoss from the forests of North America, worn leather blended with bergamot from southern Italy, Amber Musk, Indian cardamom and cloves.’

Ok, so it gives a particular hedonistic recipe, but when these ingredients are sourced from the exact places, as described, at least they are telling the whole cloving truth!! So, if someone from across the bar with a good nose recognised bergamot from southern Italy’, they’d be spot on. And if someone, with a less geographically acute sense of smell recognised cardamom and cloves’…..well done them…! These are quality global ingredients, intelligently selected… if by Charles Darwin himself.

And the quality doesn’t stop there. ATLAS is delivered in a simple package; a hand filled bottle with unassuming label and personalised tin, sure to have come straight from Motley’s Los Angeles kitchen, with care and attention. A far cry from the mass produced pomp and glory brands sold at your local Department Store.

View Motley Atlas Cologne – HERE.

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