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Unbeknown to many, US software leviathan Google, have in the last year, bought the mobility branch of US Motorola; a now ‘Motorola – a Google Company’ (MgC). This tag team: one; an old Dog with robust hardware manufacture experience and a fair few heavyweight patents beneath its belt, the other; a light and swift software bright spark with tidy punches and fresh moves. This was certainly a noticeable shift in the high tech-tonic plates of the Android phone development world. So, we here at The Coolector, with our trusted Cool-ger counter, have been patiently waiting for an eruption; MgC’s first offering.

On Thursday 25th July, at whatever time GMT, the needle started to twitch; the MOTO X was unveiled to the press. It was an event to have certainly got the public’s attention, tongues wagging, fingers texting, but fell flat trying to meet the high expectations of the ‘Techy’ experts. Yet we at The Coolector are impartial types; we are interested in a healthy balance of design and technology, whether advanced in leaps and bounds or subtle toddler steps…just so long as it’s all going in the right, one direction; to cool.

The X is heading in the right direction….as you can see from our gallery below:


Usual suspects

The X’s ‘expected’ specification won’t have you shamed. It comes with a respectable 4.7” HD (720P) screen, 10mp (rear) 2mp (front) Camera, Jelly Bean OS, and backed up with 16 or 32 GB storage. But who’s the X’ unusual suspects, out to cause a stir?

Suspect 1: Mr Customisation

The X is aesthetically pleasing, and pleasing to pleasure it is, as MgC offer an online customisation facility (at least to the US Market), where you can personalise your X by; bodywork/accent colour, engraving, wallpaper, memory size. Nothing extravagant, but we think it’s a nice touch to tempt some to pimp their phone, offering greater individuality; possible with some 2,000 combinations for personalisation. Not too shabby a start.

Suspect 2: Miss Snap Happy

‘Never miss a moment’…a total cliché, but least the X dishes up. With a flick of the wrist, the X’ camera is poised, where its functionality; zoom, capture and settings can be controlled with one hand.

Suspect 3: Dr All Ears

Unlike your mum, brother, girlfriend, boss, dog, parole officer; this phone is always listening, and more importantly, interested. The X’ key feature is its touch free ‘Ok, Google, now’ experience (confusing if your dog’s called Google). Simply voice the aforementioned and the X springs into action as appropriate; making calls, creating memos, updating your schedule, etc. Voice control is nothing new, but this is new, because it’s refined, and works…..all without lifting a finger.

Suspect 4: Lord Does Nobody Love Me

Based upon an MgC observation; ‘users keep checking for; the time, messages, missed calls, etc.’ (I’m very guilty). So, the X includes an idle screen with an intermittent beacon of updates, leaving only the user to think, ‘Lord, is that the time’, ‘I get an awful lot of Papa John texts?’ or ‘Nobody cares’. Love it or hate it.

Coolector QC – closing statement:

The X is out to please the masses, and we think it will do just that. It’s pleased us. If any of the unusual suspects are to blame for making the X a success, we think Mr Customisation and Dr All Ears are guilty as charged your honour.

So, it may not be an earth shattering introduction, as many had hoped for. But that’s not the point. This is every part the beginning of a career for a new(ish) heavyweight combi-contender. The X is more a pleasing cool tremor, certain to lead to something all the more seismic in the future. We’re watching that needle.

Price – $199-249 (two year contract). Currently only available in US but I’m sure us Brits will get a stab at it in due course.

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