Nicolas Bannister Famous Movie Cars

Remember the scene? De Niros’ “You talkin’ to me?” from Taxi Driver? What about Heath Ledger’s “Why so serious?” from Dark Knight? Or even Clint Eastwood’s “Go ahead, make my day” from Sudden Impact? No doubt you’ll remember many a famous scene from which both actor and quote have become rightfully and lovingly interned to the remembrance gardens of cinematic history.

Some have become the subject of art memorabilia; a poster of Harry Callahan adorns the mess hall wall of The Coolector HQ. But actor and quote are not always the star subject of an unforgettable film. Sometimes it takes something a little less organic, with fewer words, more action. Something like a DeLorean at 88mph or perhaps a white Lotus Esprit submerged in the sea? Remember those scenes? The Coolector sure does, and so does French illustrator Nicolas Bannister, whom has subjectively, gracefully and humorously given these autos their rightful plinth! Nicolas has taken films most famous cars and produced these superb uniform posters, accompanied with only but a film fans tongue and cheek.

Check out the talented chap’s work – HERE.

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