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Distraction is something that we’re all too guilty of here at Coolector HQ and whether it be a squirrel running by the window or craft ales calling our name from the cooler, we’re perennially on the lookout for something to take us away from the matter at hand and what we’re supposed to be doing. Focus is not a word synonymous with us I guess you could say and that’s why we’re thankful for the existence of excellent little apps like Noisli which aims to to bring focus to the easily distracted and create a relaxing environment in which to get your head down and do the work you’re actually supposed to.

Noisli is a top notch noise and random colour generator that aims to promote a calm, relaxing environment which will compel you to be more focus and streamline your efforts regardless of whether you’re trying to pen a weight tome or merely get through your avalanche of emails in the morning. Better still, Noisli also boasts its own on-site text editor with constantly changing backgrounds and noises for a relaxing and calming writing experience which will keep you focused and away from the window to see what the local squirrels are getting up to.




Noisli offers many soothing background noises light rustling leaves, thunder storms and chirping birds and it is the work of an Italian development team. If, like us, you positively seek out distraction and need something cool, simple and genuinely effective at keeping you focused then an app like Noili will likely be right up your street. Give it a bash and see whether it can keep you on the concentration straight and narrow.

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