Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

The tablet, once commonly associated with little more than the pharmaceutical industry or stone masonry – by which disease could be fought and the remains of our noblest blood could be honoured. Interesting stuff, but not really the coolest of stuff.

Today however, thanks to the ever growing tech engines, built as alternatives to the iPhenomenon, the ‘tablet’, by its new association, is the cool and exciting solid dose everyone wishes to be on by prescription. Well, when we say everyone, we mean those suffering from the symptoms of HyperiPademia (a condition of too much iPad interaction) or iPadthargy (tiredness with the iPad).

For some time these have been gruelling and uncomfortable conditions, and it has only been in the last 2 years that we have seen vast improvement in the quality and variety of the Tablet therapeutic market. But The Coolector, with a state of the art Clinical Cools Trail Unit, maintains interest only in the prescription of Tablets which meet the highest of coolness.

And so, after substantial trails, The Coolector MD is happy to prescribe the following;

The NEW Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet with Windows RT (8.1 as release)

– Take a look at this stunning dose of technology and colour:


Please read carefully your Patient Information Leaflet before use;

Therapy 1: the 2520 has a high-bright, Full HD, 10.1” touchscreen, so, in the conditions of extreme sunlight while ‘al fresco’, the user would not suffer bleach of colour or loss in resolution – a common side effect of other touchscreen devices. Certainly for us at The Coolector who are always looking to top up the tan, this is gold!

Therapy 2: a snap on Nokia Power Keyboard offers the familiarity of a tactile interface, while delivering 5 hours’ worth of extra juice. This display of power longevity, as well as the opportunity to get deep down and QWERTY with a ‘proper’ keyboard, is nothing short of a high for us all at The Coolector!

Therapy 3: the 2520 allows you to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go, even sync your email and calendar with Outlook. And with 64GB of expandable memory and SkyDrive, you can keep an FBI’s worth of documents wherever you go. For us at The Coolector, whom partake in the Microsoft Office playboy lifestyle, this is love!

Therapy 4: the connectivity offered by the 2520 is impressive. With 4G LTE, you’re certain of a superfast experience….far and wide, while WIFIless. Also the Lumia can ‘talk to other Lumia’, so, if you’re a bit of a Lumia junky, you may find your devices chatting behind your back – for all good purposes, mind!

Therapy 5: the unit houses rear 6.7MP and front 2MP cameras, the rear of which can record in 1080p Full HD. So, like us at The Coolector, you can spend hours snapping away or relish in the fun of chatting vis-à-vis!

The 2520 is sleek, bold and bright, packed with all the spec sure to please and tantalise the mind, as well as sooth and stir the creative soul. However, please avoid use while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Price: $500

More information:

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