Pat’s Backcountry Beer Concentrate

At The Coolector our existence depends upon the convenient, and such elixir of convenience has never been more noted or valued than in products that instruct the user to; ‘Just-AddWater’. These are the package soups, Pot-Noodles, fruit juice concentrates and freeze dried coffees; all the fundamental elements that are both labour saving and vital nourishment for the average Coolector columnist. However, for one particular highly valued and often desperately needed preparation, here at ‘out of office’ Coolector HQ, this instruction has not been seen, despite its typical consents being 95% water! This sustenance is of course, BEER, our trusted friend, our loving companion.

Well, that instruction has now found its way on Pat’s Backcountry ‘just add water’ Beer Concentrate. “Hallelujah”. So without further ado The Coolector asks you all to crack open a sachet, and raise a carbonator bottle to toast the concept and enterprise of Canadian brewer Patrick Tatera and his ‘just add water’ Beer Concentrate. We celebrate upon Patrick’s patent pending process and promise to deliver a near waterless beer, with the same flavour, aroma, and quality in alcohol, to that of a conventional premium micro brew. 95% less its weight, a Beer is now at the disposal of the man or men (lets party) who are unable to quench a thirst in times of Bar, Ale House, Restaurant or home fridge absentia! No more back breaking 24 pack, no more shoulder joint jarring crate, carried for mile upon disheartening mile. No, just assurance of a quality water source at the end of your unburdened journey, and you’re set for good times. Check out some of Pat’s superb wares below:


One packet when reconstituted with nothing more than covalently bonded Hydrogen and Oxygen atom juice, will make 16 oz (just shy of half a litre). The final process is to bring it to life with the brilliantly engineered and simple to use portable carbonator pictured above.

Check out this cracking product over at Pat’s Backcountry Beverages.

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