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Light is the energy that brings us the beauty of sight, its luminance, reflective and refractive quality, where changes in wavelength and amplitude, can deliver a wonderful variety of colour and intensity to our world, our reality. Without it, we’re left in the dark.

One particular artist, whose strong belief that light is the energy and embodiment of reality, is South African born Philip Barlow. Phillip’s 22 year career has seen him explore the world, and working with pastels, charcoal, watercolour and ink, has been able to home his talent and artistic interests to deliver superb collections.

Collections which have caught the eye of The Coolector are of those ‘bathed in luminosity’; landscape paintings to capture a very different perception and essence of vision. The Coolector explains…..

With our eyes we see our surroundings, the subjects before us, that’s our reality; the mountains, the lakes, the skyscrapers, the buses, the strangers, those we love. But we can take that all for granted, particularly the energy which brings our surroundings into our reality, light. Take a look at some of his best below:


Philip’s paintings are built upon a concept of bathing a landscape in luminance. Here our subjects, the landscape, the people, as carriers and reflectors of light, are less seen for what they are, people waiting for a bus, a man walking in the surf, but more for the light that bathes them. The Coolector is stunned by such abstract work, particularly as it can deliver such a familiar and convincingly real image, close to that of an out of focus but intriguing photograph. We are in awe!

See some of this vision below or see Philip’s full spectrum of work at

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