The gang at The Coolector see themselves fairly competent with most art crafts, give them a pencil, brush, or oils and a masterpiece is sure to follow. However, there is one particular technique that has yet to be mastered; long exposure light painting. So far they’ve just about managed to write ‘The Coolector’ with a sparkler. Child’s play really.

Painting with light has been around for longer than you think, dating back over a 100 years. The ingredients to create are simple, it just takes a light source, a long exposure camera, and a bit of imagination. The Coolector School of Art certainly has the imagination and an ability to expose at length (most DSLRs and Point and Shoots can do this), but as for a cool light source, their options are dull. That is until the Pixelstick came along!

The Pixelstick, an evolution in light painting, is the product of Bitbanger Labs, a New York City based company founded by friends Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan. Beginning with a passion for photography and product design, Bitbanger Labs explored the works of painting with light. In doing so they noticed the limitations in what current technology and equipment could achieve. These limitations soon grew to frustrations, which blossomed into a desire to bring something revolutionary to this artistic medium. Pixelstick was their answer. And their answer can be seen in these stunning abstract art works and animations;






The Pixelstick is made up of 198 full colour RGB LEDs inside a lightweight aluminium extrusion case. Each LED corresponds to a pixel in an image, it can be 1 to 198 pixels tall, but thousands wide. At the stick’s centre is a processor and control panel, the brain of its operation. Next to this is its perpendicular handle, with a secondary aluminium sleeve so to allow the stick to be spun freely. Simply create your image in Photoshop or other such software and upload this onto the Pixelstick using its SD card reader. It is then able to display these images one line of pixels at a time, and by movement of the stick in front of a long exposure camera, an image is burnt.

The Pixelstick is currently in marketing development and is seeking investment through Kickstarter. It has already maxed its funding target, so hopefully we can soon see more eye catching and beautiful things from both the Pixelstick and their creators.

You can still offer your support and learn more about the Pixelstick’s superb and  illuminating possibilities HERE

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