Puff’s Preserve Boozy Jam

Boozy Jam

A cool jam! If mentioned in The Coolector common vernacular, we’d be discussing an impromptu gathering of musicians….perhaps down at our local pub, where the hard working folks of The Coolector enjoy a glorious alcoholic beverage, or two.

Not on this occasion, the cool jam up for discussion this time is no music session, though it does involve complementary infusion, sweet soulful melody, the preserve of tasty notes all in an artisanal production. No, this cool jam, is fruit jam – the preserve, toast spreading, breakfast eating kind….from Denver based company, Puff’s Preserves.

So it’s a jam, why so cool?

Because readers, not only is the jam’s ingredients fresh, seasonal and natural, including fruit favourites Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Apple, Peach, Cherry, Blood Orange…..but it also contains the flavours and infusions from Whiskey, Champagne, Bourbon, Beer, Wine, Port, Amaretto or Vodka. These fruits and beverages are individually matched by Puff for unique, complementary and contemporary flavour combinations, bringing something extra special to the breakfast table.

So, that’s why!!

The Coolector sees Puff’s Preserves nothing less than a caring, well sourced, lovingly made product, and if you’re going to spread, spread quality….and a bit of booze to boot! Check out this jam for boozehounds below:

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 20.07.23

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 20.07.34

Found out more about this delicious looking jam over at www.puffspreserve.com.

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