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There is only one thing in the world The Coolector loves more than cool stuff and that is a well-earned break. Holiday, vacation, call it what you will…’s time to replenish the batteries, re-charge the soul, take time to look up, look around, see the world, and above all, spend time with those you love. These can be the most precious days of all, it’s important to remember that.

So The Coolector recognises the value of a holiday, but also its cost. Yes, the world is getting smaller, but the price isn’t! So what can be done? Actually, the question is, what can be done there, that can’t be done here? Think! Why go abroad, when you’ve so much to explore and do, right on your door step.

It’s time to hitch up, and hit the road Jack…..but let’s go in style, let’s have a coolcation!

Briefly looking at our A-Z, a fantastic idea would be to head immediately for the Trailer Freeway and grab yourself a Vintage Teardrop Trailer. One particular bespoke supplies of interest to The Coolector are UK based Retro Trailers, who produce fine, hand built, vintage teardrop trailers. Check out a few of their wonderful wares below:


The Coolector is firmly hitch on to the back of this concept and can see, both Tiny and Retro take supreme pride in their product, the authentic style, the attention to detail, the simple function.

Besides the beautiful 50’s sleek and vintage design, the Teardrop is baked bean tin packed with utilities and comfort. Accommodating enough room for a double bed with ample storage, the Teardrop also comes with its own mini kitchen to prepare meals standing up, even while shaded from the sun or rain. This is a simplistic, stylish, low cost and convenient coolcation!

Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, enjoy, and don’t forget your passp….oh, no wait!

Check out Retro Teardrop Trailers at

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