Science Fiction Spaceship Size Chart

The Coolector’s love for space science fiction is as vast and as deep as the imagination of those who can bring it to life. Such entertainment is perhaps the staple diet of many a young boy, who, during their voyage to adulthood, have explored strange new worlds and new civilisations. Your body might be restricted to planet earth, but your imagination certainly isn’t!

Like us at The Coolector HQ, I’m sure those lovers and believers will have their favourites; Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Stargate, Independence Day, HALO, Warhammer? But have you ever wondered, argued even…..

‘Could the USS Enterprise destroy the Imperial Star Destroyer?’

Or, what about…

‘Could the Millennium Falcon destroy the Borg Cube?’

Well ponder and argue no more, as German graphic designer and sci-fi fan, Dirk Loechel, has created an incredibly detailed and scaled chart with some of the most famous spaceships of TV, film and game.



To see the full poster, visit HERE.

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