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Ever since our first camera phone, the Panasonic GD87, we at The Coolector have been held captive by a love affair of cell phone wielding snap happy action. From those first shots, we have seen an exponential growth in quality of cell phone cameras, as well as the ability to share and publish ‘those moments’. It has been a revolution as well as revelation in how we now see our world and the lives on those in it.

The most noticeable developments in cell phone photography has been software. I’m sure none of our readers are stranger to the unadulterated world of photo suites. While many such Apps have their merits, a saturation and plateaux in their ability now exists. As a result, The Coolector has nothing but a sense of apathy towards most ‘new’, but what we find to be, generic offerings.

That apathy ends here, thanks to a change in scene, by Seene, a new iPhone app.

Seene is the brainchild of a London based computer vision and R&D company, Obvious Engineering. The app is able to ply a veneer of depth and movement to your shot, resulting in a remarkable and interactive 3D image, one you will find yourself captivated by and heavily immersed in, trust us!

How it works is easy, simply choose your subject and take 4 shots, each moderately positioned to absorb the image from 4 angles; the sides, top and bottom. Processed, your 3D image can be enjoyed and explored by just tilting the screen. This can then be shared online or between devices.

Andrew, Mike, Sam, and Ebony make up Obvious Engineering, their goal; to knit closer and augment our perception of what we see. As far as we are concerned, they have met that goal and some. We have been quite frankly, obsessed with this gem! It really is the all seene app, the app to be seene with!

Check it out at

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