Snake Venom ‘The World’s Strongest Beer’

One would think by now our fan base has become accustom to our drinking affinity and habits. The rumours are all true. At Coolector HQ we don’t have a basement – we have a cellar; we don’t have a water fountain – we have mini bar. And the vending machines are not stocked with diet cola or Perrier water.

Yes, above the entrance to our humble headquarters swings a sign ‘The Coolector Inn’, and below a message on a chalk board ‘dogs and muddy paws welcome’. What can we say, we’re an optic away from being the next J D Wetherspoon – only cooler!

So, when we heard of Scottish based Brewmeisters’s latest bottled beer, Snake Venom, we figured that, if named in honour of a toxin which facilitates the immobilisation of prey, it could only be a beverage that is certain to inebriate. And at 67.5% ABV….not only is Snake venom true to its name sake, but also to its title, as bestowed, ‘The World’s Strongest Beer’.

Brewmeisters are sure that no snakes are harmed in the production of their drink, much to the relief of our reptilian loving readers I’m sure. Rather they proclaim this particular potent ale is fashioned using a medley of exciting and flavoursome malts; including acid, chocolate and peat smoked. Fermented using ale and champagne yeast, designed to give rise to its devilishly high alcohol content, the product is, in the final manufacture stage, freeze concentrated. And, as with all Brewmeister products, they only use; 4 ingredients, natural carbonation methods, 100% Scottish spring water, and absolutely no chemicals!


As seasoned drinkers at The Coolector, we’d recommend this rich, dark brown, nose of alcohol, whisky and hops venom. It’s certainly worth to try this unique tipple. But, as no antiserum is known to man, please drink responsibly folks – perhaps not hard, given is warning label and £50 per bottle price tag. Dare to tame the snake?

Price: £50


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