Sony Bravia Smart Stick

Make-up; a world of cosmetic enhancement, turning the average into the outstanding, drawing the attention to where attention must be drawn, accentuating beauty, style and most of all, appeal. Some would say such superficial modification covers and detracts from true natural beauty, and while in the world of chemical products; the lip-sticks, the mascaras, the blushers, The Coolector wholeheartedly agrees. We prefer the pure and natural look.

No, the ‘make-up’ we speak of, and have sole interest in, is the technological. Here we still see the enhancements, the accentuations, offerings of beauty, style and appeal….only this time, it’s welcome and not just skin deep. One such product desperately wanted for The Coolector’s make-up bag, is the Sony Bravia TV Smart Stick. This simple Chromecast-like device, chiefly for your 2013 Sony Bravia TV, will augment by means of offering Google TV capabilities, bringing a MAX Factor to an already fine viewing pleasure. The Coolector explains….

The Sony Bravia TV Smart Stick, a dongle-esque vehicle will transform your standard Bravia into a Google TV. The use of an android framework will offer access to the Google Play app store, where one can personalise their now smart TV for media; be it news, social, music or video. Considering that, expect the Stick to come preloaded with the popular YouTube, Netflix and Amazon apps, depending on market. Pretty eye catching stuff to the Coolector, with just that alone!

Other shades of brilliance in the Stick come in the form of access to Google Chrome; fast, simple and effective web browsing, an ease of internet navigation. If you wish to engage in the pleasure of both, to watch TV and surf the web at the same time, the Stick’s Picture-andPicture feature allows the two frames on one screen! But the integration doesn’t stop there – the Stick can fully integrate with existing cable or satellite systems, so no need to switch your TV between source inputs. Brilliant stuff, you must agree!

Now for the gloss finish! The Stick comes with its own remote, a touchpad and QWERTY keyboard, but if your digits are otherwise occupied, you can speak into the remote for seamless smart TV voice control. * wolf-whistle



So, The Coolector must conclude: for those who have or will have a Bravia, treat her to the Stick! “Why”?! Because she’s worth it, of course!

The Bravia Smart Stick will launch for $150 (£95) in the US ahead of Christmas.

Find out more about this little chap on the Sony Blog.

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