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stock watches

At The Coolector, we think it’s appropriate to say that in everyone’s heart there beats an interest in the wristwatch timepiece. For some it beats for workmanships, some for aesthetic appeal, others for their part as jewellery, collectables and even art. Here at The Coolector we like to think that, as natural as the beat of a human heart; we have the aptitude to appreciate all rates and intensities in such a passion.

One particular rate and intensity we’ve been listening to of recent is for simplicity, precision and style. With this in mind, we have managed to spy a stunning and unique product offering perfect synchronisation – STOCK WATCHES. It is the attributes of simplicity, precision and style, found in the STOCK timepiece, which have been lovingly blended by its creator, Melbourne based David Tatangelo, a watch enthusiast and collector. See his craftwork, and get the pulse racing;


The Coolector admires and congratulates STOCK; clearly in the passage of time – dedication and love have fed and exercised a perfect Watch forger’s heart, worn close to the sleeve with pride.

Check out these awesome timepieces for yourself over at Stock Watches.

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