Tokyo Flash Kisai Blade LED Watch

From the darkness comes light, comes time. The unconventional wrist watch is an odd and fanciful world, ever trying to convey time to the wearer in bizarre and unorthodox fashion; it’s the fashion, the fashionable watch. In this town, style is sheriff, function is its deputy. Some designers succeed, creating a fine balance between function and “WOW, what’s that on your wrist?” leaving the wearer in the light. Some just baffle, leaving the wearer in the dark, and when asked “WOW, what’s that on your wrist?” having to respond “Can you tell me the time please?” You look trendy, but you’ll be late for your dinner date. Fail.

Many such types in wrist wear pass our eyes at The Coolector HQ, we look for the fine balance in style and function every time, but we appreciate a considerable bias towards style in such cases. Ultimately for The Coolector, it is our opinion that the watch can look like machinery from the Hadron Collider, but if it won’t tell me the time, or makes me think too long to work it out, it can only be taking up valuable wrist space. We like to see the sheriff working with its deputy and working well; we’ve no patience for a lone ranger here.

One such duo, working well as a team, operating a town called Tokyoflash, is the partnership of one Kisai Blade LED Watch. Take a good look!


Now tell me you didn’t think of a jet engine fan, the sleek forbidding blades of extreme, violent and greedy air consumption. And this impression is of a wrist watch. What an impression! The sheriff is wearing a mighty bright star! In addition, the design of the watch body complements its turbine feature; a delicious depth of smooth brushed stainless steel, available in Black, Silver or Gold. This fine metal work is then reflected in the strap, but if something a little more organic is your preference, a leather strap is available. The sheriff has laid down the law, is out to catch the notorious eye, and put it way for a very long time.

So what of its deputy? How does the Kisai Blade LED Watch function, particularly in partnership with its eye catching sheriff?

Very well indeed, is the answer to that!

As the bladed fan feature resembles that of a watch face (it’s at the very least circular, and has 12 segments – we’ll accept that as a close resemblance), allows a comfortable transition to introduce, but not overshadow its deputy, its function, as a time piece.

So we ask you, Tokyoflash Kisai Blade Watch, “Do you have the time please?”

Get your hands on this spiffing timepiece at Tokyoflash.

Price: £108

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