Tul Multi-Purpose Tools

After a rigorous audit at The Coolector HQ, we managed to determine that the office consists of the following; 853 nuts, 589 screws, 276 sq.ft of picture hanging space, 17 headphone sets, 14 bike tyres, 504 spokes, 2 iPhones, 47 unknown diameters drill bits and 36 bottles of beer. All of which at some point need; tightening, measuring, reeling, propping or opening….make your mind which verb goes where! These are, in other words, everyday problems.

Now, of recent, The Coolector has been following the project progress of the Onehundred*. So when we heard that, for their second project, they had developed the TULS – a set of 4 credit card sized tools to master all that should be taught, accurate, reeled, upright or open…..we had to offer our support, and introduce the magnificent four.

Say hello to the whimsically named Lucy, Roul, Stan and Opie, respectively your new fixing, measuring, reeling, propping and opening best friends, easily kept in the trouser pocket or on a key fob. See their versatile, laser engineered specification and good looks (available in suave stainless steel or tantalising titanium);

LUCY – To Tighten Up:



ROUL – to measure up



STAN – to stand up



OPIE – to open….a beer



The Coolector admires small things that can do big jobs, and what a fine example TULS is!

*Created by father and son Dave and Calvin Laituri, the Onehundred aims to design and manufacture 100 products utilising the very best of local New England design and engineering skills and experience. All of which is open to community (the world) support, by monetary investment or feedback. The Coolector believes this to be an amazing scheme, and shall be following a close eye on their remaining 97 projects!

Check out their site HERE or help fund their Kickstarter project HERE.

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