Unique Circle Yachts

The collaboration, where two worlds of differing styles, talents, passions, beliefs and ethics can unexpectedly but excitedly collide, and in a moment of a shared venture and goal, deliver something totally fresh, awesome, and above all, cool! Pastimes, hobbies, interests and professions are all open to collaboration. Over the decades we’ve seen, or least dreamt to see, some unusual but brilliantly exciting hook-ups in the world of music, film, design, fashion, technology and art! Perhaps you have your favourites, be it seen or dreamt of being seen?

At The Coolector, we are often hot on the heels of any collaborations, rumoured or wished for, because we know, what could be delivered, could be extraordinary.

Well, nothing comes more extraordinary than the collaborative work between a world class German based naval architect and builder, with 135 years of marine engineering experience, and that of an Iraqi-British Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, whose award winning designs have largely been the subject of dry land.

Architect Zaha Hadid has designed a conceptual 128m master prototype yacht for Blohm + Voss. From this, 5 smaller 90m vessels are to be conceived by exploring the design philosophies of the prototype, while existing within the full technical scope and specifications of modern marine engineering. The master prototype is the ‘mothership’ if you will.

The seed from which the mothership grew was planted in the study of fluid kinetics, marine ecosystems as well as hydrodynamics. Beneath the surface, a sleek hull, above, an irregular exo-skeletal shell of irregular skeletal thickness, inspired by such irregularities and structures found in the fantastical tapestry of marine life.

The first of this bold expression in yacht design has been named JAZZ, as part of a range aptly identified as, Unique Circle Yachts. Yep, The Coolector thinks them to be unique alright, just take a look at this stunning futuristic sea farer:


Check out more works by this visionary architects over at Zaha-Hadid.com

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