Wall of Sound 2.0

The Coolector has a movie question for you. Imagine the scene, a young American teen, with his trusted skateboard enters a ramshackle hut, full of ticking clocks. An over filled dog bowl gives the impression of a neglected space. Kicking the skateboard aside, he walks over to a speaker. Turning the speaker amplifier and overdrive dials to maximum, he plugs in an electric guitar. Holding a glistening plectrum, he strikes the guitar and……..

If you know what happens next, you’ll know the film, if not, spend your time mulling it over while you feast your eyes, and if you dare, your ears on this monolith of audio power, The Wall Of Sound 2.0, iPhone speaker.

The WOS 2.0 is the successor to the highly successful and award winning WOS 1.0, taking away its incredibly heavy and loud crown as the world’s biggest iPhone speaker, now 36% bigger, 71% heavier, 95% Louder. Take a look this impressive piece in all its glory below:




The handmade WOS 2.0 is ironically fashioned in the serene Scandinavian country of Sweden. It’s from here the WOS 2.0 could, using its offensively amazing 44 speakers and 2 sub woofers deliver8000 watt output sound to drown out even the noisiest of countries, like North Korea. Built with tube amplifiers, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the WOS 2.0 also comes with a few other useful and errrr odd extras. To tame the beast, a functional and stylish iPhone app is to hand, but if dare to push the volume button too far, a monkey’s head will take over. Yes you read that correctly, the WOS 2.0 comes with a Monkey’s head! At high volume, the eyes of a Monkey bust glow blue. If too loud, they turn golden, and if ear damagingly loud, the eyes glow red – after 5 minutes, the bust pops up and the music stops. You’ve dared to anger the monkey, but he’s saved you a trip to A&E.

We at The Coolector are damn sure this colossus will not leave your ears wanting, that is unless, it’s for a new drum. Simple of frame, its purpose to stylishly fill a room succeeds, despite its generous size. Of the space which remains, the WOS 2.0 will saturate in pure undulated quality sound, perfect for those who believe, there is no such thing as too loud!

Price: From $6,900

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