Arkonik Verve Edition Land Rover

Car customisation is something that takes a lot of time, patience and design nous and so far as Land Rovers are concerned nobody does it better than the guys at UK based workshop, Arkonik (which is why they’ve featured on the pages of The Coolector so consistently). One of their latest edition has well and truly caught our eye once again with its bold, uncompromising design – say hello to the Arkonik Verve Edition Land Rover.

The Arkonik Verve Edition Land Rover is well and truly built with adventure at the forefront of their thinking and if you love the thought of heading out into the wild and want a steed that can keep pace with you, this will more than fit the bill. This mesmerising machine is a 110 station wagon in Coniston Green which is fuelled by a 3.5L V8 gasoline engine for the ultimate in robustness and performance.

Bittersweet Symphony

The Verve Edition Land Rover from Arkonik is a particularly pleasing steed from an aesthetic point of view and if you love luxury finishes in your custom cars, this definitely won’t disappoint. This gloriously conceived and crafted machine from Arkonik has BFGoodrich AT tyres, Kahn 1983 wheels, a Warn Zeon 10-S winch with plasma cord, an a-bar with spots, a satin black KBX signature grille, alongside a Front Runner roof rack that comes with a ladder and raised hood and tailgate badges.

Luxury keeps on coming with the Arkonik Verve Edition Land Rover, especially so far as the interiors are concerned, and this magnificent machine has stylish and eye-catching vintage thatch by Ruskin Design leather seating trim on modular front row seats, with two premium high back centre row seats and a central Elite lock box. This is then joined by two bench seats in the load area, an Evander 15″ wooden steering wheel, stealthy black suede headlining and side panels, a top of the range sound system with Alpine Apple Car Play, luxurious leather door cards and, last but not least, a brushed aluminium alloy door furniture upgrade.

Land Rovers are elegant looking vehicles in their own right but when in the hands of Arkonik they are elevated to whole new levels of awesomeness and visual appeal and this is admirably illustrated by this Verve Edition. Superbly crafted from top to bottom with an unparalleled attention to detail throughout, these custom made machines might not come cheap but if you have the requisite readies, you’ll struggle to find a cooler car for all your adventures.

Adventure Ready Machine

Every part of the design that has gone into the Verve Edition Land Rover from Arkonik has been carefully considered and geared towards making it the ultimate in adventure machines. This stunning vehicle has been put together with immeasurable care and attention to detail and whilst the price tag of around $150k isn’t exactly pocket change, you really do get what you pay for so far as the quality is concerned.

The Arkonik Verve Edition Land Rover is one of the latest in an already spectacular line up of custom built vehicles and another fine example of the supreme design and build skills of the team at the Arkonik workshop. If you’ve got particularly deep pockets, a love of Land Rovers and adventure, this might just be the ideal machine for you.

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