The Coolector is a men’s lifestyle magazine which aims to cover the very latest in design, lifestyle, fashion and other manly interests in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Men invariably have a lot of interests but we’re all attracted to stuff that is patently cool and that’s all you will find here at The Coolector. 

We will curate the latest and greatest products and happenings that will likely pique the curiosity of those who find gentlemanly goods essential viewing.

The brainchild of, failed writer, Leo Davie*, The Coolector aims to be the first port of call for the standard bored male who, whilst actually giving the illusion of work at his desk during his 9-5, is merely just traversing the internet in search of some cool gear and stuff to waste their ill-gotten loot upon.

I’m a pretty friendly chap and I’m open to interaction with my readers (providing they’re not douche-bags) so head over to our Contact Us page and drop us a line and should said line be suitably intriguing then I dare say I will get back to you.

Welcome to The Coolector – Hope you enjoy your stay.

* Yes, I’m drinking an elderflower cider in the photo. No big deal.