1001 PT Prints

As fans of typography, we here at The Coolector were delighted to come across these supremely stylish 1001 PT Prints, which, as the name may suggest (if you’re of a typesetting persuasion), are various different characters set at a 1001pt size.

Extremely eye-catching and unusual, these prints are definitely the sort of style that we favour and we’re impressed with the understated simplicity to boot. For those looking for some great, out of the ordinary artwork for the home, these 1001 PT Prints will definitely tick plenty of the right boxes. Whilst the common ampersand or M-Wave may not make the most exciting subject matter, when they are presented in such a spiffing manner, it works superbly well.

We love these 1001 PT Prints here at Coolector HQ and will likely adorn our walls with double daggers and what have you post haste.

Price: $29

Available: 1001 PT Prints.

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