137 Pillars Suites, Bangkok

Luxury from the minute you arrive to the minute you (reluctantly) leave, 137 Pillars Suites in Bangkok is an absolute delight and a most welcome addition to Bangkok's line up of 5 star hotels. Wonderful staff and amenities make this an unforgettable place to stay. We'll be back!


Bangkok is rapidly becoming a home away from home for us at Coolector HQ and it is, without question, one of the most bustling and mesmerising places on the planet. If you find yourself in Thailand’s capital city and in search of the ultimate in luxury, you simply need look no further than 137 Pillars Suites which, in all honesty, is probably the most enchanting and luxurious hotel we’ve had the pleasure of visiting to date.

Located a short distance from one of the city’s main metro stations, Asoke, but far enough away to have utterly incredible views of the Bangkok skyline, 137 Pillars Suites is a relative newcomer to the city having only been open for little over a year and it is the sister hotel of the brand’s flagship, and equally as beautiful 137 Pillars Chaing Mai Hotel, which is based on the historic Baan Borneo – which was the Northern Headquarters of the Borneo Trading Company and built 125 years ago.

137 Pillars Suites in Bangkok is a much more contemporary offering than the wonderfully vintage Chiang Mai property and from the minute you arrive in the considerable grandeur of the lobby, to a delicious welcoming drink of butterfly tea, you’ll instantly know that it’s going to be hard to leave when check out time rolls around. Everything about 137 Pillars screams luxury and attention to detail and we were utterly blown away by its welcome here at The Coolector.

Personal Touch

When you stay in one of the luxury suites at 137 Pillars in Bangkok, you are provided with a 24 hour butler who is always on hand to offer anything you need or desire. In our case, it was the wonderfully helpful, Belle, who was a delight when showing us around the breathtaking suite that would be our base for just one night which, let me assure you, is simply not enough when you’re surrounded with this sort of luxury. Located in the heart of the uber cool Sukhumvit Thonglor area of the city, 137 Pillars Suites serves as the perfect base for exploring everything that Bangkok has to offer but, be warned, the minute you set foot in your suite, you simply won’t want to leave. Whether it’s taking in the spectacular skyline views from your balcony or just revelling in the exquisite design of the suite, leaving the room will likely be the last thing on your mind.

137 Pillars in Bangkok has 34 luxurious Suites each one has its own unique sense of style and layout but you can rest assured that each and every one is exquisitely appointed, all with private dining tables, butler service, maxi bars with private wine cellars. The user friendly mood lighting, high ceilings, large walk-in wardrobes, beautiful en-suite bathrooms and chic circular 137 Pillars baths complete with built in TV give these suites a truly unparalleled sense of luxury that we’ve yet to encounter anywhere else on our travels here at The Coolector.

Comfort is the name of the game with the beds as well with their luxurious 400 thread count bed linen and the spacious balconies are all afforded their own amazing view of Bangkok. There are four different types of suite from which to choose at 137 Pillars – SUKHOTHAI, AYUTTHAYA,  THONBURI and RATTANAKOSIN (which is the two bedroom suite) – and the overriding sense of luxury that pervades them all (we were lucky enough to see each one courtesy of a wonderful private tour by the hotel manager, Jojo, who was so informative and friendly and clearly had a real love for this beautiful property).

Given our our early afternoon arrival at 137 Pillars Suites in Bangkok (we wished our flight had arrived earlier because we savoured every minute here), we decided to indulge in the hotel’s complimentary afternoon tea service which was served by the brilliant Banquet (AKA Leo) who was really friendly and welcoming to a pair of weary travellers after a particularly long flight.

The afternoon tea was great and was a mixture of savoury and sweet treats with an eclectic mix of local teas (served hot or cold) to be enjoyed and we’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone staying at the hotel.

Out of this World Amenities

There are so many things right within the hotel to tempt you from even heading out into the night lights of Bangkok and, having been to Bangkok a few times now here at The Coolector, coupled with our all too brief stay at 137 Pillars, we decided to stay in and capitalise upon them. There are many food and drink options to be enjoyed including the signature Leonowens Club, the Jack Bain’s Bar and Cigar Divan, and, last but not least, the stunning Nimitr specialty restaurant which boasts cutting edge oriental gastronomy created by Chef Nanang Prasetya Aditama, their Specialty Sous from Indonesia.

There is also the brilliantly decorated Bangkok Trading Post Restaurant on Soi Sukhumvit 39 at road level, which is an all-day dining bistro and deli which appeals to local residents and guests and serves Western and Asian favourites, as well as freshly baked breads, connoisseur coffee and specialty beverages, to go or dine-in. They’re also in the process of installing a cool looking bar serving cocktails and other beverages that will add to it’s appeal still further.

A must visit from the restaurants outlined above The Marble Bar which has a circular viewing deck beneath your feet (which Game of Thrones loving hotel manager, Jojo, expertly referred to as the moon door!) and it is certainly not one for those with a fear of heights because it’s an awful long way down. We loved every food and drink option at 137 Pillars in Bangkok but a special mention has to go to the small rooftop bar where you’ll find one of the hotel’s two infinity swimming pools and which is open late for you to enjoy midnight dips and magnificent views of the city at night.

To conclude, we thought it was impossible to love Bangkok anymore than we already did here at The Coolector but one night at 137 Pillars Suites was enough to increase our love for this magical city still further and, if you want nothing but the best from your travels, this unforgettable hotel is definitely going to tick all of the right boxes. Can’t recommend highly enough.

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