4D Concrete Watch

A material we’ve seen used more and more in the manufacture of watches of late here at Coolector HQ is that of concrete and, to be honest, it’s had various degrees of success from a style, performance and aesthetic point of view but one timepiece that definitely excels in all these areas is the 4D Concrete Watch from 22 Studio which is funding over on Kickstarter right now and, from what we’ve seen so far, is already winning plenty of hearts and minds.

The 4D Concrete Watch from 22 Studio infuses exquisitely crafted concrete architecture with kinetic energy to bring time to life on your wrist and for anyone who loves a timepiece to make a real visual statement, these are the watches for you. Taking design inspiration from Omotesando Hills shopping centre in Tokyo, and the work of it’s architect, Tadao Ando, the 4D Concrete Watch boasts the sort of striking industrial feel that is becoming increasingly popular with timepieces today.

Solid as a Rock

The robust look and feel of these supremely cool watches from 22 Studio is the first thing that will immediately stand out and their eye-catching, understated design is ideally suited for city life and to convey an attitude that is uncompromising and genuine. Making watches from the materials used in these brilliantly crafted timepieces is a painstaking process and each line and surface needs to be carefully carved and polished to a mirror finish. The slightest deviation, even on a 0.5-mm scale, may well cause dramatic variations in the finished product. Each step needs minute adjustments that are only viable by refining a series of three-dimensional mock-ups but all the effort is worth it when you get watches as stylish as this at the end of the day.

Already rapidly approaching its funding target over on Kickstarter, it’s clear to see that there are a lot of men who favour the aesthetic of these type of timepieces – us included here at Coolector HQ. The 4D Concrete Watch from 22 Studio boasts a real visual impact via the passing of the three-dimensional watch hands over the cured-concrete dial which delivers a innovative and spectacular play of light and shadow. At the same time, the movement’s echo in the darkness below the spiral stairs aesthetic serves as a constant reminder of the 4th dimension – namely, time. Impeccably designed and crafted, it’s easy to see why this watch is proving so popular on Kickstarter.

Style and substance combine with these 4D Concrete Watches on Kickstarter and the steel, brass, concrete and the leather used in their crafting really does provide an impressive sense of quality to proceedings. These timepieces are the culmination of a decade spent refining different design practices and craft in line with 22 Studio’s commitment to unflinching urban attitude. The end result of this is some super cool timepieces that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Colossal Concrete 

Obviously, it is the use of concrete during the design process that really differentiates these watches from 22 Studio and the richly textured and durable concrete dial is the real focal point of the 4D Concrete Watch. It is made from a unique concrete mix — a high strength concrete which solidifies rapidly, has minimal shrinkage, and delivers an exceptional visual impact when fully set. Each concrete dial will have a unique pattern due to the way its created so each one of these 4D Concrete Watches is completely unique – another real selling point in our opinion here at The Coolector.

Kickstarter has delivered the goods on the timepiece front once again with these super cool looking 4D Concrete Watches from 22 Studio and if you’ve loved what you’ve seen, you’ve still got plenty of time to show your support for this cracking campaign and can pick up a concrete watch for a bargain price.

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