5 of our favourite interior design products from Artifox

If you love the understated, minimalist aesthetic when it comes to your interior design endeavours, Artifox are a brand that definitely need to be on your radar and they have a stellar line up of furniture and accessories which will add a touch of class to any room in which you choose to deploy it. Check out our selection of 5 of the best interior design products from Artifox below:

Artifox Bench in Walnut | $2100

This stunning artifact serves many functions, the most important one being, a place for you to sit. The Artifox Bench has a scroll to hold laptops and magazines, and deep shelves for everything else, this bench will keep you organised.

Artifox Desk in Walnut | $1790

The Artifox Desk has a modular system that allows you to attach accessories and create your own set-up. You can easily manage cords and power strips by attaching them to the cable grid and hooks are conveniently placed within reach for bags and headphones.

Artifox Rack in White Oak | $260

The Artifox Rack is perfect for storing your bike indoors as it uses a minimal amount of wall space to help out in tight situations. The self-leveling mounting system needs only three screws, making it an easy and quick install. It is compatible with bike wheels up to 3.25″, RACK can handle your mountain, road, or hybrid bike with ease.

Artifox Shelf in White | $99

The Artifox Shelf is made ade from solid steel, meaning it can hold upwards of 25 lbs. So stack books to your heart’s content. It is also writable so you will never forget an idea again. Jot a note, scribble a design or make a to-do list. Choose dry erase or chalkboard. You can also mix and match magnetic accessories to create your perfect vertical storage set-up.

Artifox Side Table in White Oak | $950

The Artifox Side Table allows you to seamlessly dock your mobile devices and accessories with its built-in docking station. You can anchor chargers behind the side table to provide a clean solution for your cords and there is a place for notebooks, tech and more. Optional file folder brackets for the ultimate organization hub.

Leo Davie