5 of the best wallets from Vaultskin

Wallets are the cornerstone of any man’s EDC line up so finding a brand that tallies with your accessory sensibilities is always a good idea. So far as wallets are concerned, Vaultskin are one of the best in the business and have some really excellent wallets to choose from which will really ramp up the style of your carry game in 2021.

Vaultskin is a young, creative, international team who operate out of London. The brand pride themselves in their diverse expertise and innovation in design. Vaultskin’s founders, Alex and Diana have background in architecture and engineering which gave them the vision to create the first Vaultskin phone case. It’s their wallets that have really caught our eye at The Coolector and you can check out our pick of 5 of the best Vaultskin wallets below:

Chelsea Card Holder ($30.99)

We love the minimalism of card holders here at The Coolector and they don’t come much better than the Chelsea Card Holder from Vaultskin ($30.99). Chelsea’s three pockets hold up to eight cards which is more than enough for any modern man. The electromagnetic shield helps to protect your credit cards from RFID theft when out and about and the two outer pockets allow rapid access to your most consistently used cards such as metro cards or credit card. ($30.99)

Notting Hill Zipper Wallet ($49.99)

One of Vaultskin’s most versatile wallets, we’re loving the look and functionality of the Notting Hill Zipper Wallet ($49.99) here at The Coolector. It was designed as a multi-purpose wallet and has space for up to 10 cards, a secure compartment for small items such as a single key, a SIM card and a memory stick, and an external hook for keys (this can be tucked away if not required). The metal zip will help to protect any items from falling out, and there’s a pocket to hold loose change. While the internal pockets provide RFID-protection, the external one does not – it’s for cards that can be wiped by the technology. ($49.99)

Manhattan Card Wallet ($39.99)

The Manhattan Card Wallet’s RFID-blocking technology will help to block any scanning devices from reading your credit cards and stop scammers getting hold of your detail. Put any RFID enabled cards in it to make sure that they’re protected. Now you can relax and go on with the rest of your day. With the Manhattan Card Wallet from Vaultskin ($39.99) in your pocket, your information is always safe and secure. Courtesy of its top grain Italian leather, the Manhattan looks and feels fantastic in your hands. The soft leather ages beautifully and will adapt to how you use it, giving it that personal touch. ($39.99)

City Card Wallet ($39.99)

The Vaultskin City Card Wallet ($39.99) is designed with luxurious Italian leather, which is both soft and robust, which gives this great piece of EDC a elegant feel and look. The texture of the leather gives you a good grip, allowing you to get it out of your pockets quickly. The City Card Wallet was designed to offer unparalleled functionality and its lightweight nature and multiple array of pockets show that. One exterior pocket allows for quick access to your bills or a public transport card. Keep your Metro card in it, so that while your credit cards are safe and protected you can get into the subway quickly. ($39.99)

Kensington Passport Wallet ($64.99)

Looking forward to going travelling again? Aren’t we all? Well, make sure you’re prepared for the airport with the ace looking Kensington Passport Wallet from Vaultskin ($64.99). When you begin with Kensington fully packed, you know you’re ready to head out on an adventure. This passport holder is a fully RFID-protected wallet so it securely stores your bank cards, driving licence, cash and boarding cards, and not just your passport. It’s good to know that you are setting out with your travel essentials tucked away in one safe place that’s streamlined enough to fit in your pocket. If you lose everything else, you’ll still be able to complete the journey. ($64.99)

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