9 of the Best Gifts for Cyclists

If you know someone with a love of cycling, it can often be difficult to find the perfect gift for them but, fear not, we’ve got you covered with our selection of 9 of the best gifts for cyclists below. From cycling apparel to the perfect bike lock, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill.

Take a look at our top picks of cycling gifts below:

Mission Workshop Mission Bomber Jacket – $580

The exterior of the jacket is made from one of the most robust materials in the world: namely, Desert Silkwax Cotton made by Halley Stevensons in Scotland. Beneath the exterior is 50 gsm high-performance Polartec® Alpha® insulation that will keep cyclists warm during any chilly morning commutes. Alpha was developed for U.S. Special Operations and is engineered to deliver consistent warmth while allowing greater breathability during high-activity. 50 gsm insulation is just enough to take the edge off on cold days but not enough to cause overheating when the sun’s out. ($580)

ABUS Bordo Centium – $150

This compact bike lock revolutionises the bicycle lock industry and establishes an entirely new type of lock – the folding lock – which will change the way in which you lock up your bike each day. The bike locks of the Bordo family offer features that have not been provided by any other design to date: light-weight flexibility in a compact & durable design. The cyclist is no longer confined to a bike rack, nor to only locking up just one bike. The perfect cycling gift for those who like to take their security seriously. ($150)

State Bicycle Co 4130 Road Bike – $549

Beat the traffic with the State Bicycle Co 4130 Road Bike which is both aesthetically superior and boasts plenty of cool features to set it apart from the competition. It is both sturdy and affordable, and the 4130 Road features a simple 8-speed transmission and a lightweight build, ready for racks and fenders. It comes in two different colours, and is the ideal companion for your commute or any other urban adventures that you find yourself on. If you know someone in need of a new bike, this would be one of our top picks here at Coolector HQ. ($549)

SILCA Pista Plus– $145

The SILCA Pista Plus has long set the standard of what a bicycle floor pump could and should be. As an object used before almost every ride and at the highest level of performance cycling, this is easily the best and most beautiful floor pump money can buy. Full stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and Brass construction, leaves no space for plastic. The ergonomic rosewood handle, replaceable leather gasket, makes for the most efficient and durable pump ever made. ($145)

SILCA Italian Veni Army Knife – $45

Venti is a unique chain tool with a magnetic slide-lock design that allows it to be more than twice as long as other designs for improved ergonomics in use, while also allowing it to be removed completely from the tool for enhanced usability. The forged mid-length tools are long enough to reach all common cycling fasteners, but not so long that they twist or deform under load. The ergonomic side plates also hold a secret magnetic storage feature for a spare master link, and all tools are coated with SILCA’s unique high-grip chrome plating which provides better torque transfer at the bolt interface. ($45)

Hiplok Z LOK– $11.99

Designed as a lightweight protection option, the Z LOK provides ultra-convenient protection against theft opportunities for pit stops, roof racks, or outdoor toys. Structured as a reusable and securable zip tie, the Z LOK is a must have for every cyclist who wants a low cost but effective means of keeping their bike safe. A great stocking filler this Christmas for any keen cyclist, it’s available in a few different options to find the perfect one for your needs. ($11.99)

Khyte Tech Messenger Bag– $330

With multiple configuration options, magnetic closures, weather resistance and their lifetime warranty, it’s safe to say this is one of the most advanced messenger ever built and is designed to be the ideal carry for using whilst cycling. Robust with plenty of storage options, you’ll be able to keep all your essentials safe and secure whilst you’re on the go and we’re big fans of the bag’s stealthy aesthetic here at The Coolector. ($330)

Hiplok Superbright Gold Lock– $140

The Superbright is a super tough lock that sits nicely on your waist while riding and has an ultra-reflective sleeve that makes you visible to other riders and vehicles at any time of day. It’s basically a two-in-one security system, one for your bike and one for yourself. When security and style is a must for any cyclist, this great looking and top performing offering from security specialists, Hiplok, is right up there with the best of them. ($140)


One of the first things you notice at the top levels of motorsport tools, or in the toolboxes of Pro-Tour mechanics: extremely high quality hex keys. The reasoning is simple, better tool fit leads to better feel and confidence. If you own expensive things,  SILCA’s HX-One Home and Travel Essential Kit is made for you. This is the best (and possibly most expensive) hex keys on the market, you’ll probably be reaching for them everyday. ($125)

Leo Davie