Adventure Is Calling

When adventure calls, you should probably answer. And, if this extraordinary video by Shane Black is anything to go by, he’s a chap who did exactly that….

….Black, a photographer from Ohio, along with a couple of his friends decided that enough was enough in their day to day jobs and became gripped in the tractor beam of adventure. Embarking on a rather epic journey across the United States of America, Shane Black and his friends spent the time capturing epic vistas and jaw-dropping scenery aplenty, teaching each other what they knew about photography along the way.

As you can see from the, quite frankly mesmerising video above, Black et al know plenty about making magical looking landscapes look all the more alluring and breathtaking and we here at The Coolector tip our caps to their epic road trip and salute them for sharing it with us all. Their trip saw them take in 32 of the states that America has to offer and 13 national parks (where a lot of their most stunning work was captured) and Shane Black and his cohorts definitely recommend taking the adventure bull by the horns and taking the trip for yourself. If it’s half as mind-blowing as their video alludes to, it’ll be worth it.

Check out Shane’s work on his Facebook Page.

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