Alfred Lane Men’s Solid Colognes

Finding the right grooming goods for your wash bag is something that is an essential undertaking for most men today and whilst you may know your shower gels, toothpastes and hair products like the back of your hand, there is another item that you need to be making space for – namely, these awesome looking (and even better smelling) Alfred Lane Men’s Solid Colognes which will ramp up your dapperness considerably and ensure you’re smelling fantastic at all times.

Alfred Lane is the brainchild of Archie Jeter and Rafael Hernandez, who met at a networking event back in 2009, and the rest, as they say, is history. These two men’s grooming experts aimed to create a product that elevated the essence of the true modern man and, with that objective, the superb collection of Alfred Lane Men’s Solid Colognes was born and they’ve not looked back since.

Fix Up, Smell Sharp

Each of these magnificent colognes from Alfred Lane is handcrafted in Chicago and the dedication to delivering quality products is plain to see. With an established line up of fragrances already under their belt, Alfred Lane have just added a brand new smell to their collection in the form of the seasonal scent, Drive, which looks like being more of the excellent same from this USA based brand. The Alfred Lane Drive Solid Cologne is inspired by a drive for success in life and boasts a clean, energising fragrance that intricately blends spice with mossy and fruity notes for a truly one in a million smell that you’ll love.

Alfred Lane Men’s Solid Colognes are a real touch of class and their small but perfectly formed tin cans in which they are encased are the perfect pocket sized solution to your smelling fresh requirements. We’re big fans of the design and branding of Alfred Lane here at Coolector HQ and when you couple this with the fact that they dedicate themselves to crafting the very finest fragrances on the market, it’s easy to see why today’s contemporary men are picking up their colognes in their droves.

The vintage style packaging coupled with an attention to detail that really sets Alfred Lane apart from the competition, you’ll love the ritual of using these first class colognes. Whilst solid colognes are by no means a new thing (they were used as long ago as Ancient Egypt in fact), there is a real tangible sense of quality to these offerings from Alfred Lane and each fragrance that they release is the embodiment of the modern, versatile and pragmatic man.

Decisions, Decisions

With Alfred Lane the only problem lies in deciding which of their awesome colognes to plump for (most of us will grab a few I’m sure) and with superb sounding offerings like Brio, Bravado and Vanguard being joined by their brand new cologne, Drive, you’ll not be short of options when it comes to smelling great this autumn and winter.

Solid colognes might be a new concept for many but the minute your dab it on, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life, particularly when the fragrances are as delightful as those on offer from Alfred Lane. We’re huge fans of this American based brand here at Coolector HQ as they strive for nothing but the best and, unlike most others out there, actually deliver it too.

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